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Fundraising Tips and Tools

We have created the following tools to help you reach your fundraising goals. There are some sample emails and letters to send to your friends, family, and co-workers as well as creative ideas to raise funds. To add more impact to your donation requests, be sure to include your personal story about why you joined TEAM USO. You can also access our USO Fact Sheet which includes the most recent information available on Team USO programs and services!

Fundraising Tips

Sample Email/Letter

Team USO Donation Form

Team USO Sponsor Form

USO Fact Sheet


Fundraising Event Toolkits

As you plan your fundraising events, please consider the toolkits that TEAM USO has created to help you out. These are how-to guides to create successful fundraising events, and can also provide a good starting point to developing your own unique event.

Each toolkit contains sample event timelines, budgets, sponsorship letters and emails/ letter templates to send to your friends, family, and co-workers as well as some additional creative ideas to help raise funds. 

 Check back frequently to see what new tools and kits might be available!



Dinner and Dessert


Marathon Golf

Flamingo Flocking

Tea For Troops