Dedicate your race to our service men and women.

Pick Your Own Race

Already registered for a race? Make your experience more meaningful by joining TEAM USO! Athletes participating in any running event, triathlon, or bike race, can join in support of our troops and their families. Team USO is here to support you with customized web pages, help setting fundraising goals and connecting you with others who have been both successful fundraisers and athletes. 


Get Started Now 

  • Here are a few things you can do to jumstart you success:

   Register now!

  •       Once you've registered for your event don't forget to
  •       register on Team USO
  •       Make a user friendly URL so it's easy to navigate to your
  •       page
  •    Customize you web page
  •       Make it personal
  •       Tell your story
  •       Post pictures
  •       Some of our most successful fundraisers credit their
  •       personalized pages as what helped get donors interested
  •       in supporting their cause.
  •    Start Fundraising
  •       Set a fundraising goal
  •       Check out the fundraising tips and tools available online
  •       Start an email campaign encouraging everyone you know
  •       to support you.
  •       Team USO's professional fundraisers are here to support
  •       your fundraising efforts



For questions or more information about joining Team USO as an Athlete, please contact